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Local Search Ranking Factors

Search engine optimization gives the opportunity to be noticed by Google when someone searches for a term related to your brand online. Local SEO goes a step further and gives targeted results based on your

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Common PPC Terms

Although the world of Internet marketing can be ever changing and a lot to learn, knowing just the basic terms can help. Here we have the most common PPC (pay-per-click) terms that are used, along

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How SEO = Results

SEO or search engine optimization has become a staple in many companies marketing efforts due to its proven results. The optimization of your website can generate 81% more leads for your site coming out on

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6 On-Page Factors for SEO

In order to be successful online it is important that you maximize on your SEO or search engine optimization. This infographic goes through 6 on-page factors to boost your SEO. What are on-page factors you

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The Anatomy of Content Marketing

The traditional world of marketing has changed drastically in recent times. It is not as easy to reach your audience through traditional advertising because there are ways around them like the fast forward button on

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The Facebook Decade

This year is the 10th anniversary of the world’s largest social media network and here we take a glimpse at Facebook’s very own “look back” timeline. Starting from the very beginning in 2004 when Mark Zuckerberg

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Facebook Image Dimensions

Images are extremely popular on Facebook because they have shown increasing engagement from users and with knowing the recommended upload size, dimensions, and image aspect ratio for your images they can truly deliver a visual

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