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How to Best Deal with Social Media Complainers

Posted by admin in Reputation Management 16 Feb 2014

Just how there are different types of social media fans, there also different types of social media complainers and handling them accordingly is important in protecting your brand. There’s the meek customer who’s like a ticking time bomb and only complains when pushed to the edge. There’s the aggressive customer who is typically loud to complain, yet also loud to compliment when helped. The high- roller customer expects only the best and is not scared to pay when interested in results. The opportunist customer doesn’t plan on their complaint being fixed because everything will be “not good enough.” The chronic complainer customer, our final complainer is just ultimately never satisfied because there will always be something to complain about. These different types of complainers each need specific solutions in handling their specific complaints. There is not one way to handle them all and this is important to understand in social media because many others can see the voice of your complaining customer.


How To Best Deal With Social Media Complainers