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Social Media Dimensions Blueprint

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As many of you may know social media sites are constantly changing and updating their home pages. Along with those changes, the images in each social media network also need to be updated because something that might have worked with your old page might not work with the new one. This infographic gives you an up to date dimension blueprint for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google+.  If you have images that need to look a certain way when on display, these dimensions can give you a better idea of the sizes the images need to be.  

SEO Beats PPC & SMM For Lead Generation

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The comparisons between SEO, and PPC for lead generation have been on going for a long time. According to a new survey, SEO comes out on top as the top source for lead generation. SEO has many comparative advantages over PPC including 86% of web searchers trusting SEO listings over most not trusting PPC listings. It’s important to have a long term plan when working with SEO, because the effect of optimizing your page can last for the life of the website content. Make sure you know your differences when it comes to choosing SEO, PPC or both. Do you…

5 Types of Social Followers Your Business Needs

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There are many types of social media users that you come across in your daily social media surfing. In terms of social followers and your business there are 5 essential types that you should look for. 1)   The early adopter 2)   The social sharer 3)   The born follower 4)   The popular powerhouse 5)   The basement- dwelling hater These 5 social followers each bring important assets to your social media pages because of their distinctive social media personalities. Having followers on social media can help keep customers and potential customers involved with your brand. The social commerce market will hit $30…