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Off Page SEO and On Page SEO

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There are many factors that contribute to effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. SEO works on the inside and outside of your website. Just how we have to take care of our health on the side, we have to also take care of our image on the outside. Off page SEO can include deep linking, press releases, directory submissions and more. On page SEO can include site architecture, page title/meta tag adjustments, alt image adjustments and more. This infographic shows in detail the different pieces to the complete SEO puzzle.  

6 On-Page Factors for SEO

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In order to be successful online it is important that you maximize on your SEO or search engine optimization. This infographic goes through 6 on-page factors to boost your SEO. What are on-page factors you ask? They’re basically factors that influence the ranking of your page on search engine results, the higher you are on the page the better. To learn details about 6 factors (page title, meta descriptions, meta tags, H1 tags, ALT text and title text) take a look at this great infographic for details.