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The Essence of Google AdWords in 876 Words

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The process of setting up and managing a Google AdWords campaign is very crucial in how booming the campaign will be. There are certain steps that should be apart of the creation process. An AdWords campaign isn’t only adding words into an ad and hoping you can get good results. An average campaign will result in an average click-through rate. There should be a goal and research should be conducted in order to maximize your efforts. The steps in achieving a highly clickable ad can separate just an average campaign from one that is very rewarding. In just 876 words,…

13 Reasons Why Our Brain Craves Infographics

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Boredom strikes when people see text only on any social media post. Visuals have always been a way of capturing attention and now infographics are increasingly popular due to the use of visualized information. This infographic goes through the reasoning why our brains crave visuals to best showcase information. Infographics are easier to digest, are fun to share with others, and are extremely engaging. Seeing is believing making infographics extremely successful.