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Coolness of Blue in Web Design

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The color blue is a color that represents peace, order, trust and loyalty, which is why it’s such a popular choice in branding as well as in web design. Here we have an infographic that explains why blue is so cool in web design. It expresses what sites use blue, its power in branding, the effect of blue cocktails, what genders want, what blue means in every culture and the effect of blue cocktails. The top of this infographic shows you the different color codes to use from the 55 most popular shades of blue.    

26 Things to Note Before You Develop A Website

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Are you planning on developing a new website for your business? This infographic gives you 26 things to note before you begin your website journey. A website has many factors to consider to make it a sensation. It is the face of your brand and a visual representation for what you are trying to deliver to your customers. Make your website creation journey painless with these 26 things to note.