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Content Marketing Vs SEO- Is Content Marketing Pro- SEO?

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Is content marketing new and more important than SEO? In this infographic the two forms of marketing are compared. According to this infographic, quality in marketing is more important for search engines over common SEO strategies. Do you agree with this? Content marketing can include articles, blogs, video clips, pictures, and social media. General SEO strategies can include directory submissions, social bookmarking’s, link exchanges and much more. Content marketing is very popular because it is a way of sharing media in a manner that is relevant and will attract customers. Search engine optimization is also just as popular because websites want to…

The Content Marketing Marathon

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Running a marathon is a lot like content marketing, it takes time, planning, a good coach, some strategy, and a lot of patience. In this infographic we have the steps it takes to successfully achieve content marketing success. You begin your marathon journey by setting your goals. Once the goals are set you begin training or in content marketing you begin to pick topics and coordinate your content to your customers’ needs. Getting motivation for a marathon can be a lot easier with the support of some fans. Fans can give feed back and push you to do your very…

21 New Rules of Content Marketing

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Content marketing is regularly changing and your adaptability with the trends is vital to your success. Shifting from trend to trend has become fundamental to your website being noticed. This infographic goes through 21 new rules of content marketing and gives the best trends for your survival. Content is imperative in 2014, your website visitors want engagement, so take the time to read this infographic and really learn the essentials.      

Content Marketing: The Who, What, When, Where, Why & How

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Quality in your content is what differentiates your website from your competitors. Content marketing has remained an important influence in SEO for a long time. Here we have the who, what, where, when, why and how for your marketing efforts. This infographic gives you all the elements needed to demonstrate your expertise and compelling content to your audience. Content marketing is only getting more imperative for your SEO efforts, make sure you’re helping your website with relevant information.