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6 On-Page Factors for SEO

Posted by admin in On page seo

In order to be successful online it is important that you maximize on your SEO or search engine optimization. This infographic goes through 6 on-page factors to boost your SEO. What are on-page factors you ask? They’re basically factors that influence the ranking of your page on search engine results, the higher you are on the page the better. To learn details about 6 factors (page title, meta descriptions, meta tags, H1 tags, ALT text and title text) take a look at this great infographic for details.  

The Anatomy of Content Marketing

Posted by admin in Marketing Content

The traditional world of marketing has changed drastically in recent times. It is not as easy to reach your audience through traditional advertising because there are ways around them like the fast forward button on your DVR, or the little “skip” option on pop ups. Content marketing has been increasingly popular because it is now the best way to attract and inspire your audience. Here we have the anatomy of content marketing and the different ways that you can be successful with these tips. Content marketing increases your brand word of mouth, it increases visibility, and offers a wider reach….

Fascinating Social Media Statistics From 2013

Posted by admin in Social Statistics

The fascination with social media definitely didn’t diminish in 2013. Here we have some statistics that happened throughout the year that might shock you like it did us. Did you know that Snapchat declined to be purchased by both Facebook AND Google? And did you know there are more than 35 million selfies posted on Instagram? Check out the rest of this infographic that has some fascinating statistics you probably didn’t know about.  

Adults vs Teens on How We Use Social Media

Posted by admin in How to Social Media

The social media bug has bitten just about everyone in recent years. Although teenagers have grown up in a technology filled world, adults are not far behind in their adaptation to new times. According to this infographic, the overall social media usage difference between teens and adults is only 9%. Teens tend to be more on Facebook and Twitter, while adults dominate the charts with their Pinterest, Instagram and Tumbler usage.  Are you surprised by the results of this study?  

The Anatomy of Pinterest Influencers

Posted by admin in Pinterest Influencers

Are you Pinterest obsessed? If you don’t know what Pinterest is, it’s a social media network where you can go to discover interests and pin them on boards you make as things you love or might need or use in the future. This infographic shows the anatomy of those who influence most on Pinterest and who have an audience of at least 1.8 million. It shows the demographics of these influencers, in addition to the statistics and geography about their location and pins.