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5 SEO Strategies Every Company Needs to Master

Posted by admin in SEO Strategies

Think you’ve mastered everything in SEO? Search engine optimization is ever changing. Here we have 5 SEO strategies every company needs to master in order to be successful. The 5 strategies are: 1)   Get Quality Links 2)   Google Authorship 3)   Set Canonical URL 4)   Microdata & Scheme 5)   Responsive Design On the very bottom of this infographic there are also tips on things NOT to do, as well as what types of keywords and social buttons you should include in your page. It is important to tailor all your SEO efforts to your audience. Making sure you’re an authoritative brand…

Local Search Ranking Factors

Posted by admin in Local Search

Search engine optimization gives the opportunity to be noticed by Google when someone searches for a term related to your brand online. Local SEO goes a step further and gives targeted results based on your location. This is major for every website because now a days 80% of people do research on a website before actually making a purchase in a location that’s not far. Here we have all the factors included in local SEO ranking as well as some statistics of why local SEO maximizes your marketing efforts. Don’t be left out of quality-targeted leads to your business made…

Do This, Not That- Facebook Edition

Posted by admin in Facebook Edition

In what way can a business attract more fans but not annoy them in the process?  This question is why Facebook can be a gift or a curse for some business pages. The way to compel and not repel customers can be a process not everyone has mastered. This infographic goes through the do’s and don’ts of being a great business page that both excites and attracts fans.  It is important to not ONLY sell but engage, never ignore your audience, always respond, stay away from long posts and keep it short and simple, never buy likes because they’re not…

Common PPC Terms

Posted by admin in PPC Terms

Although the world of Internet marketing can be ever changing and a lot to learn, knowing just the basic terms can help. Here we have the most common PPC (pay-per-click) terms that are used, along with tips on what is good and bad for your campaign. Hopefully after reading this PPC help guide you have a better understanding of what someone might be talking about during a marketing meeting in terms of PPC. Some of the common terms are campaign, impressions, ad groups, clicks, query, placement, bid, and keyword.  

How SEO = Results

Posted by admin in SERPs

SEO or search engine optimization has become a staple in many companies marketing efforts due to its proven results. The optimization of your website can generate 81% more leads from for your site coming out on the first page of Google’s search engine results page. Save time by getting results that matter and not leads that don’t convert. This infographic goes into detail with how the leads generated through SEO can achieve more clients because the customer’s ultimately find you.