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What Your Local Business Needs To Know About Pay Per Click Advertising

Posted by admin in Advertising

Many times before it has been said that pay-per-click advertising is very similar to plastic surgery, because it provides a quick pay and get instant results. Not many know the depths of where the quick results come from in regards to PPC and in this infographic we have what your local business needs to know about pay per click advertising. It includes what PPC actually is as well as everything involved in how to be successful. We hope this helps and gives you a better insight on our PPC management.      

10 Super Powers of the World’s Greatest Social Media Marketer

Posted by admin in Social Media Marketer

Social Media marketing has become an important part of a successful business with many followers. There are a lot of factors that should be taken into account when managing all social media pages. Here we have 10 “super powers” that have proven to be a success: 1)   Listening 2)   Nurturing 3)   Sharing 4)   Leadership 5)   Engaging 6)   Responsiveness 7)   Patience 8)   Writing 9)   Newsworthy 10)  Unpretentious According to this infographic, 83% of consumers say that the social media interactions they receive from a company will lead to them making a purchase. Are you staying up to date with your pages?…

The SEO Puzzle

Posted by admin in Puzzle

SEO is a jigsaw puzzle unlike any other. Each piece to the SEO puzzle, if done correctly, can help achieve great search results rankings. Just like any puzzle, there are many pieces and each piece whether big or small is key to finishing the overall picture. This infographic explains every piece to the SEO puzzle and gets into specifics with what is necessary for a successful SEO strategy. From the on page SEO factors, to the website coding, to the off page SEO factors, this infographic makes it easy to understand what is necessary for your site to be easy…

How To Get Shared On Facebook

Posted by admin in Social Media Sharing

As you may or may not have known, Facebook is now critical to all marketing efforts. It’s important to not only get “likes” but to also have viral sharing so that others can easily find you. Here we have 14 ideas to grow viral sharing and visibility on your Facebook pages. With these ideas you’re sure to create noise with your audience because remember marketing is ever changing. The latest SEO craze is social media, be sure you’re up to date with the world’s largest social media network and make your word of mouth positive.  

Why Content For Seo?

Posted by admin in SEO for Content

User experience is the top focus for major search engines, having quality in your website content is vital to ranking success. This infographic goes into detail as to WHY content is important for search engine optimization. Having a website with great content will effectively reach out to your target audience and will make you an authority in your niche. Check out in detail the success of great content for SEO: