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What Google Algorithm Updates Mean For SEO

Posted by admin in Google

Every year Google has between 500-600 updates to their search algorithm. The algorithm consists of many factors that affect even the most experienced SEO masters.  This infographic goes into the last 3 major updates Google has rolled out and gives tips and what to do to avoid being exiled on search results. Google’s goal is to have high-quality, original content that searchers will appreciate. Is your website original?  

The History of #Hashtags

Posted by admin in Hashtags

Remember when the hashtag was just known as a pound sign? We don’t! The popularity of the #hashtag has grown dramatically since it was first proposed for use on Twitter in 2007. Since then, the hashtag has grown as a way to build a brand, follow trends and run campaigns. It is a way to track a subject on social media and makes marketers everywhere aware of what is trending. Here we have the full history of #hashtags including when it began, when other social media networks began using it and even the time when Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake…

26 Things to Note Before You Develop A Website

Posted by admin in Design

Are you planning on developing a new website for your business? This infographic gives you 26 things to note before you begin your website journey. A website has many factors to consider to make it a sensation. It is the face of your brand and a visual representation for what you are trying to deliver to your customers. Make your website creation journey painless with these 26 things to note.    

7 Reasons to Embrace Online Culture

Posted by admin in Online Culture

Online culture is here to stay and here are 7 reasons why we should embrace it! Don’t be left behind because 85% of customers now expect for businesses to not only have a social media page, but to also be engaging and active. Be dedicated to all aspects of your marketing efforts and think about these 7 reasons to embrace social media: 1)   2 billion people are online. Are you? 2)   Show you’re human to your audience. Use your pages to build relationships. 3)   What’s the ROI of social media? Can you afford not to communicate with your customers if…


Posted by admin in Pay Per Click

Many people always ask, “What is the difference between SEO and PPC?” When using SEO, your results come out on the non-sponsored middle section of search results, while PPC advertising comes out on the top and right side of the search engine results page and is sponsored advertising, hence the name pay per click. To learn all about the benefits of each, this infographic goes into detail and even includes a graph to visualize the long- term performances of each form of marketing. SEO takes time and is a long-term investment, while PPC is quick and painless. Which do you…