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10 Benefits of Directory Submission

Posted by admin in Directory Submission

Have you ever wondered why SEO experts recommend submitting your website to online directories? Lucky for you this infographic answers all your questions. Submitting your website to quality online directories is pretty standard with most SEO campaigns. The benefits include faster indexing, higher link popularity, better rankings, more pages indexed, higher page rank, effective keyword targeting, quality directory traffic, social media sharing, brand building and most important, more customers. Find out the details of these benefits by looking into this great infographic.    

The PPC Split Test Lab

Posted by admin in Split Testing

Pay- per- click advertising is like a formula with many variables that are mixed and matched in order to find the perfect result. The best way to create PPC ads is by trial and error. Here we have a split test lab that gives possible variations side by side to show the differences that can influence an ad. Testing different ads can significantly help your efforts by helping you figure out which ads were more appealing to your target.      

5 Types of Social Followers Your Business Needs

Posted by admin in Social Media

There are many types of social media users that you come across in your daily social media surfing. In terms of social followers and your business there are 5 essential types that you should look for. 1)   The early adopter 2)   The social sharer 3)   The born follower 4)   The popular powerhouse 5)   The basement- dwelling hater These 5 social followers each bring important assets to your social media pages because of their distinctive social media personalities. Having followers on social media can help keep customers and potential customers involved with your brand. The social commerce market will hit $30…

Local Search Marketing: The Top Ways to Build Local Traffic

Posted by admin in Search

Location, location, location! Local search marketing is probably the largest opportunity in SEO success for many business websites. Location search marketing is surging and here we have the top ways to build local traffic. Remember that local search marketing is targeted specifically to the audience in your area, by keeping all of your location information accurate, you have the advantage to be seen by your local searchers.      

Content Marketing: The Who, What, When, Where, Why & How

Posted by admin in Content Marketing

Quality in your content is what differentiates your website from your competitors. Content marketing has remained an important influence in SEO for a long time. Here we have the who, what, where, when, why and how for your marketing efforts. This infographic gives you all the elements needed to demonstrate your expertise and compelling content to your audience. Content marketing is only getting more imperative for your SEO efforts, make sure you’re helping your website with relevant information.