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21 New Rules of Content Marketing

Posted by admin in Content Marketing

Content marketing is regularly changing and your adaptability with the trends is vital to your success. Shifting from trend to trend has become fundamental to your website being noticed. This infographic goes through 21 new rules of content marketing and gives the best trends for your survival. Content is imperative in 2014, your website visitors want engagement, so take the time to read this infographic and really learn the essentials.      

The Most Annoying Writing Mistakes

Posted by admin in Copywriting

Bad grammar is equivalent to bad manners at the dinner table. Writers, editors, and readers notice writing mistakes and especially get irritated by common mistakes. Where are your manners? Here we have an unscientific breakdown of writing mistakes that get under the skin of more than 560 Ragan.com LinkedIn users. Remember that with bad grammar sentences can have two completely different meanings.      

Online Marketing Trends & Stats for 2014

Posted by admin in Marketing Trends

Online marketing continues to change year after year. You might think you’re doing enough by adapting to one online marketing strategy and sticking to it. Unfortunately online marketing is continuously evolving and a plan enforced last year will likely not be as successful this year. This infographic goes into the trends and statistics of what’s to happen to online marketing in 2014. It’s exciting to have a website up and running, but it’s vital to have an optimized website that continues to grow and evolve along with the trends of the Internet.      

Don’t Need Mobile? You’re Nuts.

Posted by admin in Mobile

Mobile Internet usage will top desktop Internet usage in 2014.  The Internet has been evolving since its commercialized use back in the 90’s. By 2015 81% of smartphone users will have a smartphone and their time spent on their phones shopping online or accessing search engines continue to increase. This infographic goes through 32 statistics to show why every business should include a mobile adaptation to their website.      

Some SEO Statistics

Posted by admin in Marketing Statistics

Search engine optimization is like a healthy lifestyle that needs a consistent ongoing effort. Without cheating a healthy lifestyle, just like in SEO, results are not instant. Here we have some SEO statistics that will prove why it’s so important to include SEO as a staple in your marketing budgets. Search is the number one driver of traffic to content sites according to a study by Outbrain, which beats Social Media by more than 300%. Are you taking advantage of all your potential online traffic?