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Coolness of Blue in Web Design

Posted by admin in Design

The color blue is a color that represents peace, order, trust and loyalty, which is why it’s such a popular choice in branding as well as in web design. Here we have an infographic that explains why blue is so cool in web design. It expresses what sites use blue, its power in branding, the effect of blue cocktails, what genders want, what blue means in every culture and the effect of blue cocktails. The top of this infographic shows you the different color codes to use from the 55 most popular shades of blue.    

The Content Marketing Marathon

Posted by admin in Content Marketing

Running a marathon is a lot like content marketing, it takes time, planning, a good coach, some strategy, and a lot of patience. In this infographic we have the steps it takes to successfully achieve content marketing success. You begin your marathon journey by setting your goals. Once the goals are set you begin training or in content marketing you begin to pick topics and coordinate your content to your customers’ needs. Getting motivation for a marathon can be a lot easier with the support of some fans. Fans can give feed back and push you to do your very…

SEO Beats PPC & SMM For Lead Generation

Posted by admin in Social Media

The comparisons between SEO, and PPC for lead generation have been on going for a long time. According to a new survey, SEO comes out on top as the top source for lead generation. SEO has many comparative advantages over PPC including 86% of web searchers trusting SEO listings over most not trusting PPC listings. It’s important to have a long term plan when working with SEO, because the effect of optimizing your page can last for the life of the website content. Make sure you know your differences when it comes to choosing SEO, PPC or both. Do you…

4 Ways To Use Social Media To Boost Events

Posted by admin in Social Media Marketing

Planning an event soon and need some help organizing? Lucky for you, social media has been known to boost events before and even long after they happen, without the need to spend a lot of money. Virally spreading the news about your event can attract more attendees and can create an on going trend for the event. Here we have 4 ways to use social media to boost your events which include, organizing the event, promoting the event, enhancing the live experience, and finally extending the lifetime value of an event. With the help of social media you can host…

20 Cool Facts About Social Media

Posted by admin in Twitter

There are many cool facts about your favorite social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.  Did you know that people suffer from “Facebook Addiction Syndrome”? And did you know that if Twitter were a country it would be the 12th largest in the world? How about Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance music video being the most watched on YouTube with 470 million views! Surprising right? Here we have 20 facts including the ones just mentioned about these very popular social media pages.