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Social Media Tools To Power Up Your Internet Marketing

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Whether you’re at the supermarket or at a restaurant having dinner, it seems like everyone is on his or her phone probably on some sort of social media network. Due to this growing popularity of social media, it is now more important than ever to have a strong presence on every network. Lucky for you, this infographic gives 10 social media tools to power up your Internet marketing. The ten tools consist of: 1)   followerwon.com 2)   shortstack.com 3)   howsocialble.com 4)   twitalyzer.com 5)   offerpop.com 6)   omgili.com 7)   tweetbeep.com 8)   su.pr 9)   heardable.com 10) boosaka.com Each of these power tools comes with…

Social Media Dimensions Blueprint

Posted by admin in Social Media

As many of you may know social media sites are constantly changing and updating their home pages. Along with those changes, the images in each social media network also need to be updated because something that might have worked with your old page might not work with the new one. This infographic gives you an up to date dimension blueprint for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google+.  If you have images that need to look a certain way when on display, these dimensions can give you a better idea of the sizes the images need to be.  

Off Page SEO and On Page SEO

Posted by admin in On page seo

There are many factors that contribute to effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. SEO works on the inside and outside of your website. Just how we have to take care of our health on the side, we have to also take care of our image on the outside. Off page SEO can include deep linking, press releases, directory submissions and more. On page SEO can include site architecture, page title/meta tag adjustments, alt image adjustments and more. This infographic shows in detail the different pieces to the complete SEO puzzle.  

How To Become A Google Plus Wizard

Posted by admin in Google

Google+ is one of the most under-utilized social media platforms that quite possibly can have the biggest impact in all of your marketing efforts. Google+ has the highest number of visitors compared to any other social platform. Here we have an infographic highlighting all the key points as to why Google+ is so important and how you can become a Google+ wizard.  From the importance of ranking better on Google search, to finding your influencers, you’re sure to find the worth of becoming a Google+ wizard.    

SEO Tips From The Experts

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When searching for a business, product, or service, the first term that comes to mind is, “Google it”. Google isn’t the only search engine used, but online search is now the common way to search in comparison to traditional means like using Yellow Pages. Here we have some quotes from the top SEO experts on how to be successful in SEO. The common denominator between all of these experts is simple, quality in your content is the key to success. Although they each have their ways of expressing their tips, being original and having the best quality will give a…