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Instructions for Getting More Likes on Facebook

Posted by admin in More Like's

In 2009, Facebook introduced the remarkably popular “Like” button that since then has been a way of measuring the engagement from fans and followers.  This infographic has all the instructions for getting more likes on Facebook. For example, these instructions include tips on focusing on quality posts and not how much you post to fill up your timeline. It gives help with how long or short a post should be, if it should include a picture or a question and also important is at what times you should post that will have a peak in activity. These helpful tips can…

How to Best Deal with Social Media Complainers

Posted by admin in Reputation Management

Just how there are different types of social media fans, there also different types of social media complainers and handling them accordingly is important in protecting your brand. There’s the meek customer who’s like a ticking time bomb and only complains when pushed to the edge. There’s the aggressive customer who is typically loud to complain, yet also loud to compliment when helped. The high- roller customer expects only the best and is not scared to pay when interested in results. The opportunist customer doesn’t plan on their complaint being fixed because everything will be “not good enough.” The chronic…

How Social Signals Impact Rankings

Posted by admin in Social Impact Rankings

The increasing popularity of social media networks has not gone unnoticed by Google and Bing. They have recently started to take into consideration social signals to determine search page result rankings. Don’t be left out! Here are some of the factors they are looking at to determine your websites ranking: How many tweets and retweets a URL has, the number of Facebook shares and likes a URL has, how many +1s a URL has, as well is the authority of the person tweeting the URL. Many studies have shown the increasing impact social signals have and this infographic gives you…

Achieving Success on Facebook

Posted by admin in Success on Facebook

Becoming successful on Facebook is now crucial to today’s business environment. How do you attain success with so many Facebook users you ask? It is more important than ever to know what will work specifically for your business when it comes to Facebook. You have to first get found, by promoting your presence with content that increases engagement. You need to compare your reach by using Facebook insights to organize your posts. Last, it is also necessary to promote your posts when they are getting good feed back and engagement. There are 27 ad units and knowing what works specifically…

How to Write Effective Headlines

Posted by admin in Effective Headlines

Headlines are the first noticeable content that is viewed on a social media post. Readers who view these headlines are more likely to share and tweet your content when it includes specific words or terms. There is an actual science to crafting headlines which attracts more sharing on blog posts, retweets on Twitter, and posts on Facebook. Words like surprising, how to, check out, and inspire are among the most popular. This infographic goes into specifics with each social media network and teaches you the best words to use in all of your headlines.