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How to Get More Engagement on Facebook

Posted by admin in Social Media Engagement

Social engagement has become extremely vital in social network marketing efforts for businesses. Posting content is not enough anymore, people like to ask questions, have conversations and get answers, making engagement more important than ever. This infographic includes tips like spacing your posts out, scheduling your posts ahead of time, asking questions and posting engaging content like pictures, videos and graphics to catch the attention of your audience. By getting more likes, shares, and comments from your Facebook fans, you are more likely to get a bigger fan base as well as ultimately getting your fans to your website.  

7 Popular Types of Social Media Fans

Posted by admin in Types of Followers

When it comes to marketing your business on social media networks, fans and followers are a pretty big deal. They are basically the reason for having a social media page and can feel extremely rewarding. The key to feeling even more rewarded for these fans and followers is to make an effective use of them. This infographic shows the 7 popular types of social media fans and how to make the most of them. The quiet follower, the casual liker, the deal seeker, the unhappy customer, the ranter, the cheerleader and the loyal fan are among the types of fans. The…

13 Reasons Why Our Brain Craves Infographics

Posted by admin in Infographics

Boredom strikes when people see text only on any social media post. Visuals have always been a way of capturing attention and now infographics are increasingly popular due to the use of visualized information. This infographic goes through the reasoning why our brains crave visuals to best showcase information. Infographics are easier to digest, are fun to share with others, and are extremely engaging. Seeing is believing making infographics extremely successful.  

13 Amazing Facebook Stats

Posted by admin in Facebook Stats

This infographic from August 2013 shows 13 amazing Facebook stats you might not know about. It’s astonishing to see in numbers just how popular this social media network is. As of August, there are 1.15 billion Facebook users, 89 is the average number of pages and groups a user is connected to, the average time a user spends on the site is 20 minutes, 141.5 is the average number of friends per user, there are 50 million Facebook pages, 110 million is the total number of songs and albums shared, 48% of 18-34 year olds check Facebook as soon as…