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The Facebook Decade

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This year is the 10th anniversary of the world’s largest social media network and here we take a glimpse at Facebook’s very own “look back” timeline. Starting from the very beginning in 2004 when Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook as a site only to be used by Harvard students, to when the first “Like” option was added, until now in 2014 where studies show that 25% fewer US teens are using the site. This infographic goes through the peaks and valleys of Facebook’s decade as the world’s largest social network with more than 1 billion users.  

Facebook Trends for Business In 2014

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Social media marketing trends change every year and businesses are finally coming to terms with social media no longer being a luxury, but a necessity in marketing plans for 2014. This infographic explains how a study conducted in December 2013 and January 2014, shows how 572 page admins are planning to spend more time on Facebook this year by incorporating Facebook contests and promotions, creating Facebook apps, and even clocking hours for the time spent on the network.  

Facebook Image Dimensions

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This infographic works as a quick reference guide through the Facebook timeline and explains the optimum sizes for every section including the cover photo, shared links, shared images, highlighted images, and milestone images. In addition to the regular images in a timeline, it thoroughly explains post and ad dimensions across desktop and mobile, including videos. Images are extremely popular in Facebook because they have shown increasing engagement from users and with knowing the recommended upload size, dimensions, and image aspect ratio for your images they can truly deliver a visual representation of your brand.  

How to Reel In More Customers on Facebook

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Fishing on Facebook is a concept symbolizing how to reel in more customers to your business. Just like in fishing, there is a process that begins with the key players being the fisherman and the fish, it continues by chumming the waters and then finishes by adding baited hooks to reel the fish to your boat. In this infographic, the fisherman is the business or you, the fish are all the Facebook fans, and when chumming the waters you post engaging content to get your fans biting. The baited hooks that get your fish are the posted links on your…

An Introduction to the Facebook Hashtag

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The #Hashtag craze launched on Facebook in June of 2013 and finally gave a way for marketers to track trending conversations and topics on the world’s largest social media network.  Although there have always been viral conversations on the network, there has never been a simple way to keep track of them and hashtags allow just that. The hashtags are added to a post and if clicked will display all other posts that include the same hashtag. These topics are also searchable and will even show in which other site the hashtag originated from. Marketers love the use of Facebook…