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The Essence of Google AdWords in 876 Words

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The process of setting up and managing a Google AdWords campaign is very crucial in how booming the campaign will be. There are certain steps that should be apart of the creation process. An AdWords campaign isn’t only adding words into an ad and hoping you can get good results. An average campaign will result in an average click-through rate. There should be a goal and research should be conducted in order to maximize your efforts. The steps in achieving a highly clickable ad can separate just an average campaign from one that is very rewarding. In just 876 words,…

How To Optimize Video For Search Engines

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The use of videos in order to optimize a page adds a new element to that webpage and may even give leverage against the competition in ranking. Is your company implementing videos on their page? If not they should be, because they are perfect for those consumers who do not enjoy sifting through text. Some customers would rather have an interactive advantage on the site they’re viewing. Video optimization is different than plain text optimization and this infographic gives several key elements to best rank. To begin, video optimization involves the first step which is choosing a file name and saving the…

Effective Internet Marketing – What Is Working For Marketers

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Internet marketing is no longer only an option for businesses. Any business that is not currently doing any Internet marketing is missing out on a huge portion of new customers. Here we have the most effective Internet marketing strategies and what is working best for marketers. Social media, blogging, search engine optimization, website pages, email marketing, and mobile marketing are now necessary staples for success. As of 2012, 63% of companies have now adapted to using social media, because it has proved that it increases marketing effectiveness. Is your company currently Facebook, Twitter and or Pinterest? By adapting to using…

Content Marketing Vs SEO- Is Content Marketing Pro- SEO?

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Is content marketing new and more important than SEO? In this infographic the two forms of marketing are compared. According to this infographic, quality in marketing is more important for search engines over common SEO strategies. Do you agree with this? Content marketing can include articles, blogs, video clips, pictures, and social media. General SEO strategies can include directory submissions, social bookmarking’s, link exchanges and much more. Content marketing is very popular because it is a way of sharing media in a manner that is relevant and will attract customers. Search engine optimization is also just as popular because websites want to…

The Trifectas of Internet Marketing

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There are many elements that factor into the success of Internet marketing, which is why this infographic shows the trifectas of each element. The four elements discussed in this infographic are onsite SEO, offsite SEO, sponsored links (pay per click) and social media. For onsite SEO, title tags, page description and on page content are among the three necessary factors. In offsite SEO, links need to be acquired from a variety of sources, there needs to be diverse anchor text and a backlink profile should always be growing. In Sponsored links, which can also be referred to as pay-per-click, high…